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Analysetjenester cooperates with consultancies inside and outside of Norway. Through such cooperations, we can offer our customers additional capacity and a wider range of professional services when needed


SolvencyTool is a Danish software supplier developing a software for capital requirement calculations and reporting for Solvency II. Analysetjenester is cooperating with SolvencyTool and provides training and support to software clients.


Beltios is a German actuarial consultancy with considerable experience from projects regarding the actuarial function, reserving, internal models calculations of capital requirement, reinsurance optimation, and Solvency II. Our cooperation with Beltios consists of exchange of competence and resources when needed.

Marcuson Consulting

Marcuson Consulting is an actuarial consultancy located in the UK. The company has particular experience regarding reserving, validation and development of intern capital models, pricing, risk management, and mergers and acquisitions. Our cooperation with Marcuson Consulting consists of exchange of competence and resources when needed.


Aksio AS and Analysetjenester AS has signed an agreement regarding commom deliveries with the purpose of merging within short time. Both companies have a common desire to create a business-related consultancy with a focus on high-quality actuarial expertise, risk management and modern technology development for life, pension and non-life insurance companies. In addition, customers will also be companies that need this type of expertise.